Orienteering in the Howgills

4 hours of running over rough, pathless, tussocky grass with leg burning ascents and knee wrecking descents. Maybe running is an exaggeration, I doubt I ran more than half of it and that was only when it was flat or downhill. The Kong Mini Mountain Marathons are essentially mountain orienteering events. You are handed aContinue reading “Orienteering in the Howgills”

Black Force, Howgills

An enjoyable half day scrambling up Black Force in the western Howgills with my 9 year old daughter, Hannah. The Howgills are mostly rounded and grassy hills, but Black Force is a little more interesting. We parked near to Carlingill Bridge, an early start meaning that we had full choice of parking spaces, and followedContinue reading “Black Force, Howgills”