Flowers of the North Pennines

A walk up High Cup Nick with Hannah as she wanted to see the flowers I saw yesterday. Hannah is my 9 year old daughter and my cheerful companion in many of my easier exploits.  We approached from Dufton over open access land via Stud Gill and onto the west side of High Cup Gill.  The streams were in spate following last night’s rain and were difficult to cross.  We walked up the west side of the gill seeing some amazing flowers (see below) but the wind and rain picked up to such an extent that we’d both had enough by the time the ground steepened.  We crossed over to the east side of the valley and returned on the more usual route via the farm at Harbour Flatt and back to Dufton along the road.

Some of the amazing flowers to be seen in the North Pennines at the moment: Bird’s Eye Primrose, only seen in a few locations in Northern England; the beautiful Northern Marsh Orchid and the carnivorous Butterwort which is able to trap insects on its sticky leaves and digest them.

Bird’s Eye Primrose
Northern Marsh Orchid

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